The Phenomenal Health Benefits of Fermented Vegetables

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Cultured or fermented foods have a very long history in virtually all native diets, and have always been highly prized for their health benefits.

The culturing process produces beneficial microbes that are extremely important for human health as they help balance your intestinal flora, thereby boosting overall immunity. Moreover, your gut literally serves as your second brain, and even produces more of the neurotransmitter serotonin—known to have a beneficial influence on your mood—than your brain does, so maintaining a healthy gut will benefit your mind as well as your body. [Read more...]

Feeling Winter


Are you feeling more emotional these days? Winter is naturally a more inward and sensitive time. Nature is at rest, quiet. Deep in the Earth the roots are preparing for Spring. You may also be drawn deeper into yourself, seeking replenishment, rest and rejuvenation, warm and nourishing foods and generally more in-tune and aware of your senses. As the cold and wet chill our bones, we seek inner warmth and the company of family and friends. December 21 is fast approaching, the first day of winter and the longest night! Take solace in the knowledge that the light will grow from here on… [Read more...]



June 21, day of the summer solstice and longest day of the year! I know I have been looking forward to this day and to more sunshine! This is the “yang” time of the year, a time of activity and outward movement. It is the season of growth and maturation. We have much to learn from each season. Summer is a time to “go with the flow”, or something like” don’t worry, be happy and healthy!” [Read more...]

Building the Ultimate Salad


How to Build a Super~Salad

When building anything, you need to start with a strong foundation. When building your salad the foundation is your ‘Greens’. Include a generous amount of Greens as the base of your salad, it’s where your body is receiving the biggest bang for your buck (plus they are extremely alkalyzing). Greens are also some of the most nutrient~rich foods on the Planet & you want your share!

[Read more...]

Spring Cleansing: When you clean house, don’t forget your body!


Spring is an optimal time to consider a cleanse and to lighten up on your food choices. Greens are a traditional part of the Spring diet in most cultures. Not surprinsingly, the nettles, dandelion and chickweed are abundant at this time!. [Read more...]

The Liver: Master Detoxifier


The liver is our largest internal organ and is the body’s master laboratory & detoxifier. It stores and distributes nourishment to the entire body, is involved in the formation of blood, and filters toxins from the blood. Did you know…. [Read more...]

Change is in the Air


As the season’s change, we change. And change is in the air as we get ready to officially open the doors of our new healing arts centre as Isabelle Ma’s Lotus Healing Arts finds a new incarnation as Inspire Wellness Group. [Read more...]

A Light Grip on the Springtime Reins


by Giselle Ruemke of Inspire Wellness Group

Spring is upon us, despite March’s moods. Winters can be long and hard, and many of us experience a drop in our mood without the sun’s proximity.
Those of us who can travel to catch up with the sun’s warmth often do, and those of us who can’t, must seek…. [Read more...]

Inspire Wellness Group – Grand Opening


Inspire Wellness Group is located at #7 in Merchant Mews at 315 Upper Ganges Rd.

“Inspire Wellness is the manifestation of a long-time dream of Isabelle Ma, registered acupuncturist and certified yoga teacher,” explains a press release. [Read more...]

The Wood Element in Chinese Medicine


Spring, nature’s birthing season. This is the season corresponding to the wood element associated with the liver organ in Traditional Chinese Medicine’s system of Five Elements. It is a time to re-emerge and allow the “yang “ energy of growth and activity, characterized by the sun, [Read more...]

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