Pain-free after three treatments!

“The acupuncture and acupressure treatments that I received from Ms. Ma relieved the pains in my neck, left shoulder and arm. The painful arthritis I have suffered from over several years now cause me little or no pain. Should the pain reappear I would not hesitate to employ Isabelle’s healing services.”

Informative & Supportive

I am so grateful to you for being willing to come up to my studio and share your understanding of the human body, to notice things that I can’t. The breathing meditation was informative and supportive. I am loving the new exercises and how they fit perfectly into my existing yoga practice. Working with you was an opportunity to share my unique physical challenges, be seen and heard and witnessed, and to honour them not as something terrible but to accept them as a part of my journey. Your empathy and passion for your work were palpable. As were your joy and presence. It was delicious to speak to someone about the pleasure and learning within my own practice. I was especially touched by your appreciation of the beauty of my body, just as it is, asymmetric, imbalanced and strong even in its limitations.
Thanks for being so flexible and personal. I look forward to our next session,


Ahava Shira, PhD

Poet, Teacher, Speaker, Creative Mentor

Founder, Centre for Loving Inquiry

Soothing and Relaxing

“One of my favorite hours in the week! Isabelle is wonderful! Very soothing and relaxing. I carry the hour with me on my face for days after”
-Cathy McDonald

Gentle, Intuitive Presence

“Isabelle has a gentle, intuitive presence that is at once relaxing, productive and effective. The procedure is pleasant although stimulating and the products are wonderful- effective and sensual.” Nancy Wood

Persistent Caring

” The more work I’ve had with Isabelle Ma, the more I want. I started with Facial rejuvenation, as I’d had some facial surgery that was healing slowly. It definitely helped, and I will be keeping up with it now and again just to keep things as tuned as possible. The technique is pleasant feeling, and the result for me was a sensation of liveliness – when I told Isabelle it was “a spiritual experience,” she said that was a first; but I don’t feel it’s too much to say that increasing the experience of embodiment is perhaps the essence of spirituality.

Isabelle is friendly, intelligent, and deeply spiritual. I always look forward to spending time with her. She is a warm conversationalist when I’m in the mood, or will let me sit in comfortable silence just as easily.

After experiencing Isabelle’s persistent caring for my well-being, I chose to have a massage – she’s wonderful! She is very understanding of the body and has a lovely touch, both strong and precise. She can work in the tiny detailed areas around the sockets and what not – I’ve never had such careful work. I really love her massage!

She has started teaching yoga classes and I hope to attend those, as well.

In our next session I will be opening to work with her knowledge of Chinese Medicine. Her integrated use of different techniques assures me that she is intimately familiar with me and my health issues.

Chelsea Wendt

Extremely Present

“Isabelle is extremely present when delivering her treatments and catering to my personal needs. I would highly recommend her.”
-Sharon Wilson

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